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I bought the stop-the-clock trio - cleanser/toner, vitamin C serum and face food moisturizer several weeks ago. I like the texture of the products and how much better my face feels now. I really like that I only need to use a little bit - makes it fit well into my budget. It only takes a few minutes tto use all three and is easy which I like. Didn't realize how quickly it was working for me until I went to lunch with a friend of mine yesterday. The first thing she said to me was "Wow! You look terrific and your skin is just beautiful!" Of course she got a big hug for that compliment. I'm 75 years old and a happy camper. What more can I say?

FACE FOOD Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer - For Smoother Younger-Looking Skin, VEGAN Formula - 2 oz

Too soon to tell

I like the smell and thickness of the face cream. However, too soon for me to see visible results.

Pleasantly Surprised

I first bought the Face Food Serum via Amazon, and it worked so well for me in a few short days that I wanted to order directly from the NutraNuva website for more product. I ordered the moisturizer in addition to the serum and have been very pleased. (I think the smell is fantastic.) I’m 74 and have always tried to use natural products on my face. I was among the very few to search out and use collagen and elastin long before mainstream cosmetics discovered them. I am very pleasantly surprised with Face Food products. Currently, I can report a more even tone or appearance to my skin. I will see how the skin progresses over the next couple of months.

Still the best!

Started using this serum from almost the beginning. It worked then, and has continued to work ever since. With various gifts I have tried other serums and some were good. THIS one is THE BEST.

Nuva Face Renew Moisturizer

Excellent product! Great moisturizer!

I love the face food products and customer service

As a regular user for over 7 years, I appreciate my core products of Cleaner, Vit C serum and Moisturizer. The ingredients are natural and healthy to good skin tone. My face is smooth, clean, age spots removed and looks healthy. Still have fine lines but that comes with aging.

Never got the product

Sadly, facial cleanser came but no vitamin c serum. I thought it was just a split shipment but its been a over week since first shipment. and still no product.

I've been receiving a lot of packages.lately..and actually, I just realized I never received order you're asking me to review.. tjis happened once before when you used an incorrect address that Dan was supposed to have fixed.

Food for the face

Nutra Nuva Face Food is food for the skin. The price is much better than those of the fancy creams that flood the market and more effective than creams one can pick up at the store. For people under thirty-five, this really does the trick, but don’t expect miracles. There is no substitute for actual food nutrients or botulinum.


I’ve been using this facial cleanser for years! Love the way it feels on skin. Remember to moisturize after and your skin will thank you!

Works well so far

I really like the way my face feels after I use this product; it feels clean and refreshed but not dry.

Fantastic Face Care

I’ve gone through a lot of different products looking for one that was right for me. This stuff is great! It feels good on my skin, does not have a strong smell, and the price is right, And as a bonus, even my occasional breakouts seem to have subsided. Get the face mask too! I might not have tried it, but got sent a jar by mistake and I love it.

Good product, but…

I’ve given the trio about a month to see what improvements to my skin would occur or is it would backfire. My skin looks more luminous and healthy, only issue I have is I have broken out in areas I don’t normally have acne, which is slightly disappointing since I don’t normally have acne as an issue. I used to use daily but now I’m using it every other day to see if the acne resolves itself. I will update later!!

Stop-the-Clock! Kit contains 3 Items to Help Prevent Premature Aging and Stop the Clock with 100% VEGAN Formulas - FREE SHIPPING

Greet product.

I have been using this cleanser for several years. It is a wonderful exfoliater and leaves my skin looking beautiful. I also use the your face food and my skin and complexion are looking quite nice for an 80-year-old. Best combination ever.

Nice moisturizer but deceptive packaging

The moisturizer is nice, although I believe it may be too soon for me to see any significant improvements. The packaging is a bit deceptive and not eco-conscious. They put 2 ounces in what clearly could hold 4 ounces. That turned me off a bit. I would prefer they just provide 4 ounces and charge a little more if it is necessary for profitability.


I discovered NutraNuva Facefood products May 2019. From inception till this day, the moisturizer, Serum & exfoliater products continually keep my skin from aging. I do NOT go one day without using the facial products. I sincerely believe that I found a miracle product for my face. Thank You

I keep buying it again and again

There's so much on the market and I admit that I try this and that... but ... I keep coming back to this product because it is such a winner. Hands down the best cleanser exfoliator and toner. My face LOVES it

Great product

I love the product. My face has never felt this amazing before. The only reason I am giving my review 3 stars is I am missing the face mask part of the bundle. I have sent 2 support messages and have not heard back so far.

Buying this again because it's so great!

The quality of these products is the reason I'm buying again and AGAIN.
I love them, they do what they say and I've promoted them to my best friends because they work and they are also priced reasonably and honestly worth it.

Serum Complex

Been a user of this serum for over two years! After thyroidectomy (malignant) , hormones and skin went haywire with rosacea and dryness. I tried so many (expensive!) prescription products for a long time. Then my dr advised me to stop. Take a few months and go back to basics. Clean, pure products. And I found NutraNuva! I have been using the serum and cream daily for a few years now. My rosacea has been in check, no dryness, and honestly I’ve never received so many compliments on how “clean and smooth” my skin looks. I don’t even wear makeup anymore (except mascara). I will keep using these products! Love them.

Great lotion

I really love this lotion! Best part is it doesn’t have a bad smell!