Longevity and Diet - Part Two

Longevity and Diet

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The #1 risk group for heart attack, stroke, dementia, cancers, etc. are people who are insulin resistant, pre-diabetic or diabetic.

Most baby boomers fall somewhere in these categories.

Insulin resistance increases with age.

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, the leading cause of kidney failure, the leading cause of heart disease, the leading cause of stroke, the leading cause of amputations, the leading cause of dementia, the leading cause of infertility and the leading cause of nerve damage.

Remember: The #1 common denominator of all centenarians (those who live to 100 and beyond) is Low Insulin levels and no Insulin Resistance.

Simple test: look down – if you see a belly it’s highly likely you have insulin resistance, which means you have hyperinsulinemia, which means you are at least pre-diabetic if not Type 2 diabetic, which means your arteries have been on fire for years/decades, which means you are at higher risk of heart attack, stroke, dementia, cancers, arthritis, high blood pressure, etc.

All excess body fat has negative effects but visceral abdominal fat is the most inflammatory and most dangerous.

A small percentage of people can be lean and have insulin resistance and diabetic physiology. But the majority are at least overweight or obese.

High Carb diets > Lead to > Inflammation > Leads to > Insulin Resistance > Leads to > Diabetes > Leads to > Cardiovascular Disease (heart attacks/strokes), cancer, dementia, and other diseases.

Alzheimer’s Disease is now being referred to as Type 3 Diabetes.

Cancer feeds on glucose (from grains and sugar) so why not starve it or better still, prevent it.

But Don’t I Have to Keep My Cholesterol Low?

No, that’s outdated junk science perpetuated by vested interests making obscene amounts of money selling drugs, invasive procedures, sugar-laden low fat "foods", etc.

Enjoy your healthy fats like our ancestors did; eggs, fish, avocado, beef, bacon, chicken, butter, etc. – avoid the “factory-made” processed meats and try to buy grass-fed, pasture-raised, cage-free, wild caught for the best quality. And plenty of veggies and some berries.

Many shy away from eating animal products due to a study that showed more heart attacks and strokes occurred in people who had elevated levels of TMAO (Trimethylamine Oxide).

When you eat animal products, Trimethylamine is created in the gut and then goes to the liver and is Oxidized. Thus TMAO.

However, the media cherry-picked the data from the study and left out important data. Kind of like our old imposter friend from the 1960s Ancel Keyes who came up with the fake and disproven “Diet-Heart Hypothesis”.

The PREVEND study was published in Nature Magazine (Nov 2017). The study of 8,592 subjects did indeed verify positive association with increased cardiovascular events (heart attacks & strokes) with elevated TMAO – but ONLY in those with impaired renal function (unhealthy kidneys).

In other words, if your kidneys are healthy with GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) in range – nothing to worry about. Healthy kidneys clear TMAO quickly.

Bottom Line – with healthy kidneys you should enjoy your meat, fish, eggs, butter, etc.

TIME Magazine 2014

"Eat Butter. Scientists labeled FAT the enemy. Why they were wrong."

NOTE: The few amongst us who have the APO E4 gene should take appropriate precautions when it comes to the intake of fats, as having this gene can have a predictive value in CVD and Alzheimer’s. But having it does NOT mean that a person WILL be diagnosed with CVD or Alzheimer’s. You can find out if you have this gene at places like 23andMe and LifeExtension.com

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The Framingham Heart study, the longest and largest in history, found that those with high cholesterol levels LIVED THE LONGEST.

Another 16-year study of over 2,000 men and women who were tested every 4 years for cognitive skills (concentration, puzzles, etc.) along with blood testing, found that those with low cholesterol levels scored the worst and those with higher cholesterol had the best cognitive scores.

Cardiologist Nadir Ali demonstrated the science behind why LDL-C (the so-called “bad cholesterol”) goes up on a low carb diet and why it’s GOOD. (To be clear, we are NOT referring to the harmful small dense LDL particles.)

In a nutshell – he showed in two trials with approximately two thousand 70-year-olds followed over 10 years in both trials, they demonstrated –

Those with the HIGHEST total cholesterol had:
  • The LEAST all-cause mortality & lived the longest
  • The LEAST amount of Heart Disease
  • The LEAST incidence of cancer
  • The LEAST amount of infectious diseases
  • The LEAST amount of hypertension
  • The LEAST amount of strokes
  • And scored the HIGHEST in cognitive testing.

The 300 who were on statins scored the worst on the cognitive tests.

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I know that some of this current science sounds like heresy to those who have bought into the FAKE science from the 60’s (Diet-Heart Hypothesis) that has preached for decades that we must eat low fat and high carbs and keep our cholesterol low.

Sadly, this includes most medical doctors, but only those who don’t keep up, which are the vast majority.  Too bad.  Because they are the first to prescribe statins.  (See below for more on that.)

It appears that the most optimum situation is to have high HDL (commonly known as the "good cholesterol") along with "high" total cholesterol and "high" (or low) LDL, with high HDL making you almost impervious to cardiovascular disease.

High HDL is far more protective than LDL is destructive. So don’t worry if your LDL is elevated, as long as your HDL is high and your Triglycerides are low.

Again, there is a big difference between LDL-C, the one your doctor knows about, and sdLDL – small dense LDL – the one that can invade your arteries and create inflamed liquid plaque over time. They are NOT the same.

The best and most modern way to analyze LDL particles is with a test called the NMR LipoProfile – see PART FIVE for how to buy this test and others, online without a doctor’s prescription.

This valuable test will show if you have sdLDL (small dense LDL) particles at high levels or low levels and whether the particles are Large Buoyant (healthy) or Small Dense (harmful).

If you have a high number of LDL particles but they are the Pattern A type (Large and Bouyant), you are good.

If you have a high number of LDL particles but they are the Pattern B type (Small Dense) particles, this is dangerous.

The small dense LDL are what can invade the endothelial lining of your arteries, get stuck, accumulate, and then begin a cascade of negative accumulation of monocytes, foam cells, macrophage, etc. which lead to plaque buildup which is the cause of CVD (Cardiovascular Disease).

Plaque in Arteries

You want the Pattern A, large and buoyant type LDL particles.

An analogy: think of the lining of your arteries as cobble-stone streets.  If you threw out some beach balls they would just bounce around freely. Whereas if you threw out small dense golf balls (Think small dense LDL) they would get stuck in the cracks and crevices of the “cobble-stone street”.  And eventually go sub-endothelial and create plaque buildup which leads to CVD and heart attacks, strokes, etc.

This is NOT the LDL or LDL-C that your typical doctor knows about and that shows on your typical blood tests.

This LDL-C (the C means “Calculated”), as it states on your blood test, is calculated based on the outdated Friedewald equation from the 1950s – obsolete in this modern age.  But alas is still being used.

This NMR LipoProfile test will tell you the vital info about LDL particles, and whether you have the large buoyant type or the small dense dangerous type of LDL.

In the large PURE Study, researchers collected dietary data from 135,335 people in 18 countries, and after tracking participants’ health over a seven year period, the study researchers found that “high carbohydrate intake was associated with higher risk of total mortality, whereas total fat and individual types of fat were related to lower total mortality.”

In 2013 the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry published a study showing that elderly people who added more fat to their diets maintained their cognitive function much better over a six-year period than people who ate a low-fat diet.

And in 2017 …

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They are FINALLY starting to catch up. Better late than never but still a long way to go.

Total Cholesterol is not the problem it’s too much Insulin from eating too many grains and sugar, which is directly responsible for the diabetes & obesity epidemics (now called DIA-BESITY).

Vested interests of the medical industrial complex, Big Pharma and Big Food don’t want you to know this data. It’s understandable (but not excusable) when you think about the amount of $$$ that is involved.

Drugs and procedures, drugs and procedures and more drugs and procedures.

Forty-five international medical and scientific societies and associations around the world declared in 2016 that bariatric surgery (expensive and risky) should be the first option for diabetes treatment.  What?!

You can’t use drugs, procedures or devices to cure a dietary disease. But it remains typical of medical orthodoxy to only treat symptoms, and never look for root causes. It’s easier to reach for the prescription pad than to explore for the root cause and attack that.

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And imagine the doctors that have spent their last many years telling their patients incorrect data (from outdated science) and merely prescribing expensive drugs and/or procedures, only having to admit that they've been wrong all along. Won’t happen easily.

Taking a Statin Drug?

If so, you probably get the usual side effects of headaches, muscle aches and pains, cognitive fogginess and memory loss, liver damage and more.  You’re almost guaranteed to chop 30 or 40 points or more off of your I.Q.  (No, you were not imagining that.)

That’s because the brain is loaded with and needs cholesterol, and statins are engineered to reduce cholesterol.  When you greatly reduce your cholesterol with a statin drug you can bring on significant cognitive dysfunction.

When you hear advertising claims like “XYZ statin can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke by "36%” (Lipitor) or “by 50%” or more – watch out.

Here is the dirty little secret on how they come up with these misleading numbers.

Let’s say a Pharma company runs a test of 200 people on a new statin and divides them into two groups.

Group 1 gets a placebo like a sugar pill.  Over three years, 2 participants die of heart attack.  So out of 100 people, 2 died.

Group 2 gets the new statin.  Over three years 1 participant dies of a heart attack.  Out of 100 people, 1 died.

So that’s TWO in the placebo group, ONE in the statin drug group.

I think you will agree – that is a very small difference, but the Pharma company reports the new statin gave a 50% reduction in risk for heart attacks!

Because one death is 50% less than two deaths. I kid you not.

Pharma marketing and salespeople at medical conferences tell doctors that this new statin showed “a 50% reduction in Cardiovascular events”.  Then the doctors HEAR or THINK – “out of 100 heart attacks destined to occur, 50 will not occur”.  Then the doctor tells this “50% reduction” fantasy to his patients.

The official name they give to this deceptive "mathematics" is “Relative Risk Reduction”.  Whenever you see/hear this term when reading about any study, remember this data.

This is deceptive manipulation of statistics at its worst.  Can you spell “profits”?

NOTE: This is not to say that ALL pharmaceutical companies and each and every drug they make has some shady connotation to it – not at all.  They do create some valuable products that work to help us and that we need.

Statins and Diabetes

In a 6-year study called – “Increased Risk of Diabetes with Statin Treatment” – 8,749 men aged 46–73 years who DID NOT have diabetes, were evaluated.  2,142 were on statins.

The results were profound.  Those who were taking statin medications had a 46% increased risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Here's the graph:

Other studies show the same or similar results with women as well.

I’m certainly not advising you to stop taking your statin drug, but only providing information so you can investigate further and come to your own conclusion.  After all, it is your own body, your own health and own future.

Obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance associate with an elevated risk of cancer.

Hotamisligil. 2006. Nature. 14 December: 860-867

In a nutshell, this illustration shows that if you’ve got elevated insulin, you can have upregulated insulin receptors for cancer cells, you make more IGF1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor1) which is a growth factor for tumor cells, and you accelerate tumor development.

Translation? Insulin resistance is basically a pre-carcinogenic condition, as is chronically elevated blood sugar. Take steps now to ensure it doesn't have a chance to cultivate into a full-blown state.

And remember, the #1 best predictor of your longevity is your blood glucose levels. You must get and keep them in the normal range of 70 to 90.

The Public’s Attention is kept on Cholesterol, Fat, Meat, etc. and Misses the Elephant in the Room.

Hyperinsulinemia has been the ignored elephant in the room.

Why Doesn’t My Doctor Know This?

In a survey done in September of 2019 of Primary Care Physicians conducted by Johns Hopkins Medical U about Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes, only 26% had any inclination to refer patients to a diabetes prevention lifestyle change program.

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And with the average time a physician spends with a patient being only 7 minutes, how thorough can the program and/or advice be? And since the doctor likely doesn’t know the current medical science on Insulin Resistance and Diabetes, they usually refer them to a “certified dietician” who is steeped in outdated, junk science from the U.S. Dietary Guidelines they are mandated to follow.

When doctors graduate medical school they are told to stay current and up to date with medical science because – “In 5 years, half of what you have learned will be obsolete, but you won’t know which half!”.

Great that you've made it this far and do continue on to Part 3 (LINK BELOW) to find out about how our primitive, fit and non-obese ancestors ate for millions of years and became part of our DNA - it's quite different than the last 60-100 years.

In Part Five, I provide simple instructions on how to get inexpensive blood tests you can purchase online at one of the many direct-to-consumer labs, to make sure you are not in danger and to get out of mystery. Test, don’t guess.

I’d be very interested in your response to what you’ve read thus far. Please let me know by sending a message through our CONTACT page.

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