• Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer Face Cream
  • FACE FOOD Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer - For Smoother Younger-Looking Skin, VEGAN Formula - 2 oz - FREE SHIPPING on Orders of $40
  • FACE FOOD Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer - For Smoother Younger-Looking Skin, VEGAN Formula - 2 oz - FREE SHIPPING on Orders of $40
  • FACE FOOD Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer - For Smoother Younger-Looking Skin, VEGAN Formula - 2 oz - FREE SHIPPING on Orders of $40

FACE FOOD Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer - For Smoother Younger-Looking Skin, VEGAN Formula - 2 oz - FREE SHIPPING on Orders of $40


Because Father Time Doesn’t Always Give Second Chances


What has two thumbs and has tried lots and lots of skincare products?

This guy!

Okay, and you too.  And all of us are pretty disappointed on what’s out there.

My name is Daniel Trevor and when I was 22 years old, I was acting in a Broadway Show, and the makeup artist gave me this simple commonsense advice:

“At the end of each day, cleanse your face and use a good moisturizer.”

Notice she said “good”.  And there’s the crazy catch!

Trying to find a good skincare product is harder than turning left in downtown traffic!

So, I invite you to resort to your own research on FACE FOOD right now.

Our Key Ingredients have been painstakingly researched, tested and validated by the modern elite of skincare chemistry, dermatology and aesthetic clinicians.

See them down below.

Then try them.

Then let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear your opinion.

And remember:  You get only one face, and Father Time does not always give second chances.




Customer Testimonials


“If you're somebody who finds skincare is important to you,

this is something you'll want to get. 

Trust me - NutraNuva FACE FOOD!"


“ … I've compared them to high-end products like Chanel and La Prairie (which costs

hundreds of dollars), but the amount of money you’re going to spend

on these products (FACE FOOD), they are so much better.”


This stuff is amazing.  When I have a breakout it actually makes it clear

up fast.  Makes my skin glow and look amazing.   If you’re looking

for a good moisturizer you have GOT to get NutraNuva FACE FOOD.


Powerful products and you don’t have to use that much.  After I started

using NutraNuva my face stopped breaking out – no more pimples.

Their chemistry works – they put in good ingredients and leave the bad out.”





NutraNuva means NOURISH * REPAIR * RENEW -- Your Skin Becomes Fully NOURISHED Allowing it to be Naturally REPAIRED while Causing Healthy Cellular RENEWAL. This Creates Collagen and Elastin which Gives You Smoother, Softer, Younger-Looking Skin.  Recommended by Both Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons due to a Scientific Clinical Study Resulting in 44.9% Less Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles in 2 Months (subjects - age 29 to 74 - applied twice daily).

EXPERIENCE CELLULAR ACTION – Most People Feel a Light Tingling Sensation for About 60 Seconds As Our Hydrating Key Ingredients Start to Work Rapidly at a Cellular Level on Undernourished, Thirsty or Damaged/Aging Skin.  Night / Day Anti Aging Face & Eye Moisturizer Cream with Vitamin C - Hyaluronic Acid – PhytoCeramides - Amino Peptides - Copper Peptides - CoQ10 - Vitamin E - Matrixyl 3000 - Collagen Protein and more.

FREE Shipping on Orders over $40

NOT Oily, Greasy or Sticky.  Fast Absorbing, Lightweight and Loaded with Clinically-Proven and Whole Foods Standards Approved Anti-Aging Natural Key Ingredients.


A LITTLE-KNOWN FACT is that SPF can DEGRADE the effectiveness of other ingredients and for that reason THERE IS NO ADDED SPF IN FACE FOOD.


MADE IN THE U.S.A. in an FDA-Registered State-of-the-Art Laboratory with Green, Recyclable Packaging.  For Best Results Use following FACE FOOD Anti-Aging Serum Complex with 20% C.


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    The One Product Every Person Over 25 With Skin Should Have

    Deep Penetrating Nourishment for Happy Healthy Skin

    -KEY INGREDIENTS (Alphabetically) 

    ALPHA LIPOIC ACID – Treats fine lines, wrinkles & puffiness, keeping skin youthful. 

    COLLAGEN PROTEIN – Aminos & Peptides. Studies show 91% increase in hydration & smoothness. 

    COPPER PEPTIDES – Reduces lines & wrinkles, promotes collagen & elastin production. 

    CoQ10 – Energizes cells to boost skin's ability to produce collagen & elastin regeneration. 

    CYCLOMETHICONE – Fills in fine lines & wrinkles, giving a temporary “plump” look. 

    DIMETHICONE – Traps water in the skin. 

    HYALURONIC ACID – Holds 1000 X its weight in water, hydrates skin, contained in injectables. 

    MATRIXYL 3000 – SIGNIFICANT reduction of wrinkles by doubling the amount of collagen & elastin. 

    PHYTOCERAMIDES – Increases collagen & elastin keeping skin young, plumped and wrinkle-resistant. 

    RETINYL PALMITATE – Converts to collagen-promoting Retinoic acid (Retinol) but without the bad effects of Retin-A. 

    SEPICALM-S – Combats solar, chemical & environmental aggressions w/ special aminos & minerals. 

    SODIUM POLYACRYLATE – Absorbs up to 300 X its mass in water, hydrating the skin. 

    VITAMIN B5 – Increases hydration, improves softness and elasticity. 

    VITAMIN C – Stimulates growth of cells that produce collagen & elastin. 

    VITAMIN E – Potent antioxidant reduces sun damage with significant decrease in skin wrinkling.


    FREE Shipping on Orders over $40



    Anti Aging Eye Cream

    • Softer, smoother skin

    • Firmer Skin

    • Skin looks better - better complexion

    • No breakouts

    • Works great under makeup

    • Not oily or greasy – not sticky

    • Absorbs fast

    • Improved Hydration

    • Small amount goes a long way

    • Fights free radicals - the root cause of premature aging

    • Perfect for Men & Women

    Use in the morning and/or night on clean skin. 1. Cleanse - 2. Gently rub dry - 3. Apply to skin. OK for under make-up or SPF. Since FACE FOOD is formulated with the Most Purified, Most Concentrated and Most Activated Forms of our Key Ingredients, a little bit goes a long way. Normally a product this concentrated with so many high-quality ingredients will only give you half an ounce but with FACE FOOD you get 2 full ounces. For Best Results Use Daily with FACE FOOD Anti-Aging Serum Complex with 20% C.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 202 reviews
    Christina Bartik
    Fantastic Face Care

    I’ve gone through a lot of different products looking for one that was right for me. This stuff is great! It feels good on my skin, does not have a strong smell, and the price is right, And as a bonus, even my occasional breakouts seem to have subsided. Get the face mask too! I might not have tried it, but got sent a jar by mistake and I love it.

    Rebecca Jones
    Nice moisturizer but deceptive packaging

    The moisturizer is nice, although I believe it may be too soon for me to see any significant improvements. The packaging is a bit deceptive and not eco-conscious. They put 2 ounces in what clearly could hold 4 ounces. That turned me off a bit. I would prefer they just provide 4 ounces and charge a little more if it is necessary for profitability.

    Randi Fuhrman
    Great lotion

    I really love this lotion! Best part is it doesn’t have a bad smell!

    Carol Lowe
    Dycees Mom

    i love this face lotion. I've been using it for at least 5 years now. my sisters have started using it too. They don't want me to look better than them. I'm the oldest. This really is a good product.

    Joan Hendershott-Kerr
    Face Food Anti-Aging Anti- Wrinkle Moisturizer

    I have probably purchased about 6 tubes over the past couple of years. This is almost the only face product that I buy. I make most of of my face and body products. However, I have not been able to improve upon this product! Hats off to this manufacturer! This product is excellent for my 75 year old face. Thank you! People always tell me that my skin is beautiful.